Saturday, 5 August 2017

Looking at Eye Candy on the Beach?


Going Hunting... Working on the Farm... Looking at Eye Candy on the Beach... Having drinks with Friends... or simply lounging around the house with your mates? Well The New !BBN! Vintage Cargo's with optional matching belt and !BBN! Short Sleeve Hunters Shirt are a great coordinated outfit to wear.

Available in a selections of colours and designs, the are available in the new Hybrid sizing: FitMesh1, FitMesh2, Large, Medium and Small. I have managed to fit them successfully on mesh avatars as well, especially if you us the Alpha HUD that comes with you mesh body. The following photographs were done using the Slink Physique Mesh body!
The Cargo's



The Short Sleeve Hunters Shirts



All are available as single items or a Full Pack. One VERY special offer is for our Bravura Homme GROUP members. 9 items in the Ethnic design, Black, Gold, White, comprising the Shirt, Cargo's and Belt. Valued at L$600, this group offer is at an amazingly LOW price!
This Set is only available to our BRAVURA HOMME GROUP Members
The Panama Hat is from "The JFL Hat Shop" I only buy hats from Johnfrancis!

We were humbled when presented with a Featured TMT Customer Creator award for the textures used for the "Ethnic" designs! ::smile::

The Coordinates




This new fashion statement is available at the !BBN! Bravura Boite Noir Main Shop

Enjoy your day and my best wishes to you,

Marty Dalglish
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