Friday, 11 August 2017

The Last Rays of Summer!


As the northern hemisphere moves quickly towards autumn and summer, why not spend your spare time, while you can, on the beach or by the pool. Look your very best in the New !BBN! Seaweed Outfit available in four colours.

The set comprises Shorts, Tank Top, Tank Top Tucked and a pair of Sneakers and are available for AESTHETIC, SLINK, ADAM, GIANNI and STANDARD Avatars. - The Sneakers in the standard pack are for Men's Slink Flat Feet, so if you need new feet ::smile::, pop down to the Slink Main Store.

This will be the last summer outfit by !BBN! Bravura BoiteNoir, as they are now working furiously in their sewing rooms on their new Winter Range.

The textures "Silky Spotted Seaweed" used in this outfit were created by TMT (Texture Me True)

Enjoy the last Rays of Summer!
Best wishes,

Marty Dalglish
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